Thursday, 30 January 2014

My Bi-Weekly manicure guide!

Hello ladies! 
Welcome to the first post of my new beauty blog! To start off with I thought I'd share my little manicure process that I do twice a week. I don't have the best diet and so my nails are very brittle and cracked, however this routine enables me to get very strong, shiny, healthy looking nails week by week!

So to begin, here are the products I use. Through much trial and error I've found these are the best especially for my sensitive skin! It is entirely coincidence they are all O.P.I but maybe thats saying something, as they are often considered the best brand for nail care and polish. As I'm from the UK I'll be linking to english websites and pound sterling currency. 

From left to right: 
Nail Envy for Sensitive and Peeling nails (£18.65 from Boots)
Avoplex Nail and Cuticle replenishing oil (£16.50 from Boots)
OPI Nail lacquer in Gouda Gouda Two Shoes (£11.95 from OPIUK)
Any non metallic nail file
A cuticle stick

I start off with washed, dried and moisterised hands, then gently file each nail into the desired shape. My nails naturally grow quite square and because I have very small hands they can make my fingers look quite stumpy, so I round the tips off slightly. Remember to file in one direction as otherwise it can cause the nails to split or flake (and that is the opposite of what we want ladies!)

Next up is the wonderful AVOPLEX  Nail and Cuticle replenishing oil. Although it comes with a brush I pretty much just slather it all over the tops of my fingers. It smells divine and nourishing and leaves your nails feeling healthy and yummy. I rub the oil into the entire fingernail but focus on the cuticle and the outsides. Then you can sit and watch telly for a few minutes or check facebook whilst it does its magic.

Next up, grab a cuticle stick. I gently press down on the middle of the cuticle and then on the sides. The oil will have softened them so they should be easy enough to push back slightly.

At this point my nails will have a light sheen and be soft and moisterised. Next up is the legendary Nail Envy!

I love this stuff, its like a forcefield for your nails. I am prone to terrible breakage due to my frankly rubbish diet and lack of vitamins. As soon as I get to an exciting level of length for my nails they just chip and crack and I have to start again. Due to amazing internet reviews I invested in a bottle, and its probably the best thing I've done for my little nails. I've only done a few weeks so far but they feel so strong! I can't go without this ever, so I've added it to my routine.

Apply as you would any other nail varnish, one stoke for middle, then the sides. My nails are left super shiny! At this point you could go the natural look and leave it (as I had done for a few weeks) but I fancied some polish!

Super shiny, healthy looking nails! This is a great routine if your workplace doesn't allow nail lacquer, you still have lovely natural looking nails but with that eye catching sheen.

Next up, my personal favorite colour, OPI Nail Lacquer in Gouda Gouda Two Shows (who makes this up?!) Its a lovely neutral colour to wear out and about or through the work day, it also has lovely and subtle gold simmers that catches the light.

Done! Sit back and enjoy!